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Free Tools To Find Profitable Niches


Here is a simple way to find out if the niches you have found are going to be profitable, using only free online tools.


Browse the categories and check to see if you can find magazines related to your niche. If there are Magazines available in your niche, then this is a good indicator of profitability simple because it costs a lot of money to produce and publish a magazine.


If there are no magazines in your niche, then don't worry too much at this stage, as other checks may prove it to be profitable. If there are magazines available, take note of the number available.



Google Ads


Go to - the American version of the sites, as this has the biggest audience. Now type in the name of your niche, and simply note down the number of paid ads that appear at the top and to the right of the page.


If there are a good number of ads, then this is a good indicator of profitability because it shows that people are making enough money to pay for the ads.


Click on Marketplace at the top of the screen and then simply enter your niche into the search box. Check the "Avg $/Sale" value next to all the products and ignore any that have a value of "N/A". Count all the products that have actually sold, this will then give you an idea of the profitability of the niche.


Type your niche into the search box and see what products are availble in that niche. If you find a good selection of books and eBooks in the results then that is a good indictor of profitability.



Popular Products On eBay


If you niche is in the popular products on eBay, then this is also a good indicator of profitability.


Another great resource for finding what people are willing to pay to find out how to do, or get more information about.



Google Shopping


Another great site to find what products are available in the your niche.



By using a few or all of the above free sites, you can easily nail down the most profitable niches. Pick the niches that score the most in all the checks outlined above, and disregard the niches that don't score so well.


The most profitable niches will always be in these top 3 niches:-


Dating & Relationship

Health & Fitness

Making Money


Create some free content, such as an eBook, how to video, or something with value and give it away to build a list.


Now create your sales funnel to promote related products and services in that niche and you will soon see the profits rolling in!


If you need some ideas on how to construct a sales funnel in your niche and what others are doing, simply sign-up to email lists in that niche and examine the whole sales funnel. Don't copy it exactly, but use it to give you some ideas on what to do.



This article will be included in the Full Make Money Online Blueprint, which will include step-by-step guides to actually make money online and will be a more detailed version of my Simple Make Money Online Blueprint.



If you need any help, then feel free to contact me.


All the best,

Martin Chantler.