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The Power Of The Penny!



Here is a quick question for you:-



Would you rather have:-


a) $1 Million now




b) $0.01 doubled for 30 days




If you answered a) then you would be $4,159,109.12 worse off!


Take a quick look at this video:-

He-Man Life Lesson - The right way is the best way


The table below will demonstrate that quick money is not always the best way to earn an income online.:-


DAY 1: $0..01
DAY 2: $0.02
DAY 3: $0.04
DAY 4: $0.08
DAY 5: $0.16
DAY 6: $0.32
DAY 7: $0.64
DAY 8: $1.28
DAY 9: $2.56
DAY 10: $5.12
DAY 11: $10.24
DAY 12: $20.48
DAY 13: $40.96
DAY 14: $81.92
DAY 15: $163.84
DAY 16: $327.68
DAY 17: $655.36
DAY 18: $1,210.72
DAY 19: $2,421.44
DAY 20: $4,842.88
DAY 21: $9,685.76
DAY 22: $19,371.52
DAY 23: $38,743.04
DAY 24: $77,486.08
DAY 25: $154,972.16
DAY 26: $309,944.32
DAY 27: $619,888.64
DAY 28: $1,239,777.28
DAY 29: $2,579,554.56
DAY 30: $5,159,109.12



Now this is only a demonstration and you will never be able to achieve this, but it does show the potential you can achieve.


What it shows is that if you can learn how to earn your first $1 online, and then simply replicate it over and over to build a truly great income.


The real way to earn online is to promote income streams that are residual and pay monthly, and ideally ones that people will never leave, as they need them to run their own business. These types of programs are :-


Auto-Responders eg. Aweber, Get Response, Traffic Wave

Splash/Squeeze Page Creator eg. AdKreator

Tracking / Rotator eg., AffiliateToolbox, ProtrackerPlus, PageSwirl

Hosting eg. 1 & 1


By promoting the above types of programs you can quickly start to build a healthy residual income.


If you break down what you want to earn to a daily income, then things become very achievable:-


$1200 per year = $100 per month = $3.33 per day.

$12,000 per year = $1000 per month = $33.33 per day.


This shows that it is better to earn $3.33 per day than earning a one-off $100 payment . As you will have another $100 next month and the next, without any extra work. That is the beauty of residual passive income!


$100 per month can be just 34 referrals in a $10/month program paying 30% referral commissions! The higher the value of the program, the less referrals you need.


Now getting lots of referrals into one program can be quite a task, so what you do is spread the income across multiple income streams. So if you had 10 programs, you can get 4 referrals in each one to earn you the same as 34 referrals in one program. This not only makes it much easier to achieve, but it also means that if one site should close, you still have your other streams of income coming in.


The true wealth on the internet is multiple streams of residual income.


You can start your own business online from as little as $0.60 per day, by just using an auto-responder such as Traffic WaveGet Response (Both FREE for 30 days) or Aweber ($1 for 30 days). As with most good auto-responders, you don't need hosting or your own website to start with, as they all allow you to use their own hosted capture pages. They also have some basic tracking built in as well, or you can use a free tracker such as AffiliateToolbox to track your advertising results.


By then promoting your own auto-responder, you can then get it for free by just referring 3-4 people. Traffic Wave shows you how in the "Power Of One" video to create a residual income, by referring one active referral per month. This then allows you to purchase your own hosting and upgrade your tracking providers and start to really build your business.


Now simply use your auto-responder to automate the whole sales process and start to really build your multiple streams of income. Please take a look at my Simple Make Money Online Blueprint for easy ways to accomplish this.


By using the process detailed above you can then start to add in single payment programs, such as affiliate sales etc,. to boost your daily income. By automating the whole process with your auto-responder, even single sale items become residual income streams, as you can reinvest money to buy traffic to your squeeze pages to make extra sales. Then all you do is promote higher ticket items once they are on your list to start earning really big money.


I hope this has helped you to realise that earning one off large commissions is not as effective as earning smaller residual incomes.


Once you start to earn enough to pay your monthly bills, this is where the beauty of becoming financially free really becomes apparent. You can then really start to enjoy life , and work when you want to and not because you have to.


So don't get rich quick, but get wealthy slowly!


All the best,

Martin Chantler.


If you want to contact me about anything covered here, then please feel free to do so, either at the email address below or on the social contact buttons in the header or leave a comment below.