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Free Tools To Find The Hottest Niches


Here is a simple way to find other hot niches other than the Internet marketing niche, using only free online tools.



Google Trends


Google Trends allows you to easily find the hottest daily searches.



As you can see from the results above a good niche to start building a sales funnel around would be for Battlefield 4. You can also see the trending searches in real time with the Google Search Wall.



Trending Topics


Trending Topics allows you to easily find the hot trending Wikipedia topics.



This allows you to find the hottest topics of the last 30 days and the hottest of the last 24 hours.



Twitter Trendsmap


Real-time local Twitter trends, that are cleverly displayed on a map. Now you can see the hottest trends in your area.




Breaking Tech News and Trending Topics - TechSpot


If you want more Tech related products to promote, then this is the ideal place to visit to find the hottest products.



Mashable -Trending Topics


Easily find what is hot now and in the future from all the different social networks.



Amazon Top 10s


Find out what's hot at Amazon in all the top categories. You can use this information to sell Amazon products themselves or other related affiliate products.




Alexa - What's Hot


Alexa collects a lot of information about website traffic and popular sites. This page shows the most popular pages on the web right now... according to the Alexa Toolbar.



YouTube Trends


Find the hottest trends at the most popular video sharing site. Find a hot trending niche and create your own videos to piggyback on the traffic for that niche.




By using a few or all of the above free sites, you can easily nail down the hottest trends and also find out if they will be profitable.


Create some free content, such as an eBook, how to video, or something with value and give it away to build a list.


Now create your sales funnel to promote related products and services in that niche and you will soon see the profits rolling in!



This article will be included in the Full Make Money Online Blueprint, which will include step-by-step guides to actually make money online and will be a more detailed version of my Simple Make Money Online Blueprint.



If you need any help, then feel free to contact me.


All the best,

Martin Chantler.