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Increase Your Profits With is an unlimited tracker, banner rotator and site rotator, but you can use it in many more ways to increase your profits with every campaign.


Listed below are some little known ways on how you can use this excellent tool to increase your profits.



Use The Best Advertising Resources


Make sure that you track every campaign through the tracker link. This way you can see which sites give you the best results.


As shown below two sites have similar traffic delivery and unique visitors, but one is converting at more than double of the other source. This means you can concentrate your efforts on the first source to get more leads in to your business.





Split-Test Your Advertising


When advertising your squeeze pages and banners, always use several versions and split-test them to see what performs the best. Now you can promote the best performing ones more and get more sign-ups.


Below is a split-test for two squeeze pages. The first page performs better, so that is the one you will promote more.




Below is a split-test of three banners for my Banner Maximizer campaign. You can easily see the best performing banner, and so that is the one I will be promoting the most.



When split-testing with, you can prioritise your ads as High, Medium Low and Pause. This means you can quickly change the ratio of how much each one displays. This is useful as sometimes a certain ad may become more popular and you want to give that more priority over others.



Add A Banner Rotator To Your Sites


You can use the banner trackers to create banner rotators and add theses to your sites, which makes it really easy to add or remove banners across your entire site. I use then on here and have them in the top (468x60) of each page and in the side bar (125x125 and 120x600).


If you want to you can then sell space on these banner rotators and make some nice extra cash.



Add An Affiliate Offer Rotator To Your Thank You & Download Pages


You can also use the banner rotator to rotate affiliate offers on your own thank you and download pages in your sales funnels.


You can create specific ones for each niche you are in and then use them to split-test certain offers. This means you can also quickly swap in new offers and out offers that are not performing or even have closed.


Click Here For Demo
(Refresh the page to rotate the banners)


If you are getting lots of sign-ups per day, then you could sell space in this rotator to other marketers.



Split-Test One-Time-Offers In Your Sales Funnels


If you are building your list, then you can use the trackers to split-test offers as people go through your funnel.


Traffic >>> Squeeze Page >>> Thank You Page >>> Offer 1 / Offer 2 etc .


You can then see what offer is converting the best with the traffic you are sending, and simply give that offer more priority in the tracker, or remove the non-performing offer altogether.



Split-Test Bonuses In Your Emails


When you send out your emails, then you can also use the trackers to split-test other recommended sites. You can simply add a link in your email with text such as: "Try This Recommended Advertising Source", and then have a few different sites in your tracker link. You can then see what ones convert the best and concentrate on those ones.


You can also just have "Bonus 1", "Bonus 2", "Bonus 3" links in all your emails and swap in and out different offers from your tracker links.



I hope you found these quick tips useful, and if you need anything explained in more detail, then feel free to contact me via the links in the header or footer.


All the best,

Martin Chantler.