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Best Paid Advertising Sites


Below are the best sites for paid traffic that I have personally tested.




Provides extremely reasonable rates of advertising that generates responsive subscribers, if targeted towards the make money online niche.


You can purchase 20000 ad credits for $31 and this will entitle you to 4000 15 second page views, or 2000 30 second page views. You can also target the most responsive regions of the US, UK, Canada and Australia.


Also you can easily convert any money you have earned on the site from your own clicking or referrals to give you even more free advertising.




Another great resource to get sign-ups to your list if promoting the make money online niche.


I have had great results from using both the PTC ads, which can also be targeted for specific countries, and also the fixed banner ads on the main PTC page. You can get a fixed banner for $2.00 for a day and I have had over 60,000 impressions and 100's of clicks with a really good banner.


You can also convert any earnings on the site to advertising, and you can get paid to referrer free members on 10 levels, giving you even more free advertisng.




An advertising network from the creators of ClixSense, that allows you to post text or banner ads on a single site or across the whole network of sites.


You can view which ad types each site allows and also the duration of the ads.


This site is ideal for people on small ad budgets, as you can select a Cost Per Click ad or a timed ad from 1 to 30 days, and know exactly what you will be paying before you buy.


Make sure that you advertise something that is related to the audience of the site to really maximize your response and profits.