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Create & Host Guru Style Squeeze Pages With allows you to create and host 3 splash pages for free. An upgrade is available for $4.99 USD (per month), which allows you to use the Tracker, Earn more Commissions, Receive Random Referrals make up to 100 pages, add more images etc.


Note: The owner has now made it easier to create this template as he has added it to Template #25 in the "Change Template" section of the site.



Create Your Guru Squeeze Page


From the main menu click "Splash Pages" option on the left-hand menu.





Now type in the name of your squeeze page in the box provided and then click the "Create Splash Page" button.




Now simply click on the "Click Here" link to choose you template.





Now select Template #15 and then click the "Update Template" button, then click the "Click Here to update the main picture of the Splash Page" link.






Now click the "Click Here to upload your own pictures" link.





Download this Clear.gif (Right Click - Save Link As..) file to your PC Desk Top. You need this file to replace the main picture file. This file is invisible once displayed, and is needed so no picture is visible above your Squeeze Page.


Now click the "Browse" button and select the "Clear.gif" file on your PC. Then click the "Upload" button to upload the file to





Once uploaded simply click the "Splash Pages" option on the left-hand menu.


Now click the "Main Picture" link for the splash page you have just created.





Now scroll to the bottom of the screen and select the blank picture file radio button and then click the "Update Picture" button. Once updated click the "Click Here to update the other Settings for your Splash Page" link.




Now enter your own "Title", "Short Description" and "Keywords" for your squeeze page. Keywords can be separated with a comma.


Also change the "Main Background", Header Background" and Footer Background" colour to "#6699FF", this ensures that the header and footer become literally invisible.


Download the HTML Demo Code (Right Click - Save Link As..).


You can edit this online with a free HTML editor or use BlueGriffon. Simply replace the text  "Form Code Goes Here" with your auto-responder form code. Also you can change the other text to what you want it to say. Now copy the HTML code to your clipboard.


Note: You can email me if you need help! (Link in footer)


Paste the HTML code you have for the squeeze page into the "Main Contents Area Text/HTML Area" box.





Note: From the 7th April 2014 a new field was introduced for a Banner/Text link at the bottom of the page. You need to fill the banner link with this URL to hide the banner:-




Now simply click the "Update Settings" button and you can view the page by clicking the "Click Here to view your Splash Page" link.



Demo Squeeze Page



Now all you need to do is start promoting your squeeze page at your favourite traffic sites and watch the sign-ups roll in!



More HTML Templates To Use With



Rocket Responder Sq1Create Splash Pages - Rocket Responder Template (TXT File)
Change value="RocketResponderListName"
to your own Rocket Responder List Name.


Want more templates?
Contact me via link in footer.




If you need any help, then feel free to contact me through the various methods in my header and footer.


All the best,

Martin Chantler.