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Here are some capture page templates you can use to build your own lists.





  Mobile Responsive

  Not Mobile Responsive


Test Mobile Pages Here:-





Download 25 Squeeze Pages
5 versions of each one (Black, Blue, Green, Grey and Red)
(Click Images To Enlarge)



Download 10 Squeeze Templates




PLR Squeeze Page Package - Hosted On Google Drive


Click to open in Google Drive, and then click the download link top right to download the ZIP file to your computer.


Mobile Squeeze Page Package
Mobile Squeeze Page Package

Contains 10 Mobile Squeeze Pages (5 Colours Each) Plus 28 Bonus Opt-In Boxes.




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  Note: All The Templates Below Have Been Created By
Me, Martin Chantler!


How To Edit Squeeze Page Templates With BlueGriffon (PDF)





How To Edit Templates Videos
Videos showing you how to edit the templates below.


Added some videos to explain how to edit the capture page templates that I have created. More videos will be added soon. If you need anything explaining, then let me know and I will create a video.


How To Test Your Website Is Mobile Friendly

How To Test If Your Capture Page Is Mobile Responsive


How To Use Traffic Wave Form Code With The Capture Page Templates



You can use these with ANY auto-responder, just replace the Rocket Responder form code with your own auto-responder form code.
Need help then feel free to contact me.



*** Added 27th February 2017 ***



eBook4 Capture Page Template


eBook4 Capture Page Template


eBook template with background image and 2 column display.

Template has version for Create Splash Pages and AIOP splash builder.

Click Here To Download ZIP File




*** Added 11th November 2015 ***


Simple 32 Template

Capture Page Template - Simple 32

A simple template with ribbon style header.
Comes in 5 colours, Blue, Green, Purple, Red and Yellow.

Click Here To Download ZIP File


If you want to use the above template, or any of the other capture page templates I have created, but you don't have your own web hosting account. Now you can use them with the Create Splash Pages site, which allows you to create and host 3 splash pages for free.


Click Here to see the above template on Create Splash Pages.


Sign-up to my list to get full instructions on how to use the templates with Create Splash Pages.




*** Added 4th October 2015 ***


Halloween Template

Capture Page - Halloween Template

Get ready for the Halloween season with this capture page template.
Also includes a PDF of useful Halloween resources.

Click Here To Download ZIP File





Video Templates



Video 1 Template

Now Fully Mobile Responsive
 Looks Good On All Mobile Devices (Landscape or Portrait)

Test It On Screenfly

Video 1 Template

Download Zip File Of Above Template







eBook Templates



eBook 2 Template

Capture Page - eBook 2

Click Here To Download ZIP File






Other Templates



Simple 22 Template

Capture Page - Simple 22 Template

Click Here To Download ZIP File




Two New Blurred Background Templates.


Simple 20 Template

Capture Page - Simple 20 Template

Click Here To Download ZIP File


Simple 21 Template

Capture Page - Simple 21 Template

Click Here To Download ZIP File



Video showing you How To Create A Blurred Background Image For Your Capture Pages.





"Fun" Chalkboard Template


Capture Page Template - Chalkboard 3
 Chalkboard #3



Guru Style Templates


Squeeze Template 1

Squeeze Template 2

Template 1 Template 2

Squeeze Template 3

Squeeze Template 4

Template 3 Template 4


Download All 4 Above In a Zip File
Need help with setting up etc. Feel free to contact me.



Squeeze Template 9

Squeeze Template 10

Template 9 Template 10

Squeeze Template 11

Squeeze Template 12

Template 11 Template 12

Download All 4 Above In a Zip File
Need help with setting up etc. Feel free to contact me.




Now Mobile Responsive & Accepts RAW Form Code


Modal Capture Page (Light Box)

(Click Here To Download Zip File)


Free Capture Page Template - Modal (Lightbox)  - InactiveFree Capture Page Template - Modal (Lightbox)  - Active





Inline Style
Inline Form Style

Transparent Style
Transparent Box Style


Red Dash
Red Dash

Simple Red
Simple Red


Download The 4 Above In A Zip File





Free Capture Page Template - Slideshow

Slideshow FULL Background Squeeze Pages
Javacript and CSS Slideshow
Pure CSS Slideshow
Pure CSS Slideshow (With Pattern)
Pure CSS Slideshow + Zoom
Pure CSS Slideshow + Zoom & Tilt

( Click To Download Zip File - Contains All Above Variations  )





Free Capture Page Template - Mobile Responsive

Responsive Squeeze Pages
They Resize Content Depending On Device Screen Size

Standard Responsive Squeeze Page

Standard Responsive Squeeze Page (With Email Icon)

Image Responsive Squeeze Page

Video Responsive Squeeze Page (See on iPhone 5)

( Click To Download Zip File - With All Files Above )




Webinar Registration Templates


Webinar Registration Template 1Webinar Registration Template 2

Webinar Registration Template 3

Webinar Registration Template 1

Webinar Registration Template 2
Webinar Registration Template 3




  Simple Capture Page Templates


Capture Page Template - Simple 2Capture Page Template - Simple 3Capture Page Template - Simple 4
Capture Page Template - Simple 5

  Click to download all 4 in a ZIP file




Capture Page Template - Simple 10
 Simple Capture Page Template #10




Capture Page Template - Simple 12
 Simple #12

Capture Page Template - Simple 13
 Simple #13

Capture Page Template - Simple 14
 Simple #14


Capture Page Template - Simple 15
 Simple #15


Capture Page Template - Simple 16
 Simple #16





Complete Basic Funnel



Download All Files In A ZIP File



Need Help With The Funnel Or Want To Ask Any Questions




Capture Page Template - Simple 17
 Simple #17

You can watch a video explaining how to edit the gradients on this page.



More Being Added Soon!
YouTube and Video Backgrounds.
Animated Backgrounds (Gif)



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