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Quick Tip - Email Formatting



Here are a few ways to make your emails easier to read and hopefully get better results, when you send out your email ads to either your list, solo ads or safelists.



Shorten The Text Line Length


Use a maximum line length of about 40 characters as it makes it easier on the eyes to read.




This text is not formatted and flows completely across the page and makes it hard for the eyes to easily read it.


This text is formatted to 40 characters
wide and is so much easier to read.



Make Shorter Paragraphs


Format the email into 1-2 Sentences per paragraph, as this also makes it easier to read as the text is not all in one big chunk.




This text is all bunched together in one

huge load of text and it makes it difficult

to read, especially if there is a lot of text

in the email. It also makes it very difficult

to not lose your place if you get

distracted and then look back at the

screen to find where you left off, as you

have to scan through the text to find your





This text is spaced out into paragraphs of

only 1-2 sentences.


This makes it a lot easier to read the text.


Also you can easily find where you left off

reading if you get distracted.



You can format your emails in a text editor, but an easier solution is to use this free Email Formatting Tool.


Simply paste your text into the tool, set your Maximum Line Length to 40 and click "Format".


Now space out the text into short paragraphs and you can then click "select All", "Copy to Clip Board" and it is ready to paste into your email.


I hope this quick tip was useful?


All the best,

Martin Chantler.