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Traffic Swaps



You can get more traffic by swapping your current advertising resources with other people. This will not only gain you more exposure, but you will also gain some extra people to network with and grow your business.


Twitter Swaps - Simply find people with similar follower sizes and interests as you and request that you will send a tweet for their offer, if they send a tweet for your offer.


Content Swaps - If you have a blog or website, then you can exchange content with other blogs and get links back to your site. You can exchange guest posts etc. and include your link in the author notes.


Auto-responder Swaps - You can either send ads to each others lists, or you can exchange ads on your Thank You and Download pages.


Safelist Swaps - If you have upgraded memberships at Safelists or Viral List Builders, then you can find other people with upgraded memberships at other sites. You can then arrange to send their ads at your sites and they will send yours at their sites. This means you will get wider exposure for your offers, without having to join and click for credits at the other sites.


Traffic Exchange Swaps - If you have upgraded memberships or spare credits at certain TE's, then find other people with upgraded or spare credits at sites you are not a member of. You can then arrange to send a certain amount of hits to their ads and they can reciprocate by sending hits to your offers.