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Traffic Downline Builders


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What Is A Downline Builder?


A downline builder is simply a site that allows you to promote a variety of different traffic sites from the one site. You simply enter your affiliate ID's into the site and then whenever someone clicks one of the links they join under you.


They are a great resource, as you can promote many different sites and grow your downlines, whilst only advertising the one site.


Another great feature is many will also pass up referrals from your referrals links, if they have not entered their referral ID for a particular site. Whicj means you not only benefit from your own advertising efforts, but also from your referrals, and their referrals.



Recommended Downline Builders


Listed below are some of the best Traffic Downline Builders I use and recommend:-


If you need any help in using these sites, then please email me at the contact address in the footer.


Affiliate Funnel - An excellent downline builder, that allows you to promote your sites and not just the admin's sites. Build your Traffic Exchange and Safelist downlines and more!


BrandMeTool - Allows you to easily brand splash pages and banners with your photo and social site links! Also helps to build downlines fast with the new "One Click Signup".


FreeClickThruClub - A new type of Downline Builder, that not only promotes many sites from one URL, but is also a complete system on teaching you how to build your traffic and income.


Free TE Credits - Grab free credits from some of the top advertisement platforms online today! Also allows you to build your downlines in these programs with one link.


List Hoopla - Sister site of Traffic Hoopla, but only lists the Top 10 List Builders. Allows you to build downlines in the top sites. Updated weekly with best performing sites.


Profit Hoopla - This is a downline builder that ranks the top 10 most profitable sites. It not only lists Traffic Exchanges and Viral Mailers, but also marketing tools.


Rapid Downline has just been released. This is a downline builder and ranking site for Traffic Exchanges and Viral Mailers. They take stats from thousands of members and rank the sites accordingly, so you know where your advertising will get the best results. Free members can update 10 traffic exchange referral ID's and 10 viral mailer ID's, upgraded members can update more. Start building your downlines today!


TE Hoopla - Sister site of Traffic Hoopla, but only lists the Top 10 Traffic Exchanges. Allows you to build downlines in the top 10 sites. Updated weekly with best performing sites.


Traffic Exchange List - Lists 100's of Traffic Exchanges and allows you to build downlines in all of them. Displays a Top 10 that you can advertise and build downlines in.


Traffic Hoopla - Lists the best performing Traffic Exchanges, List Builders and other recommended advertising sites. It is probably the best resource as they independently test all the sites and rank the best ones weekly.


Traffic Lookup - Lists both multi-level PTC and Traffic Exchanges. Now you can build some really big downlines in the supported programs.


T-Shirt Rental - A unique new type of downline builder for Traffic Exchanges and List Builders. Shows your sites as advertising on a T-Shirt. Also allows you to add a free ad to the top for any site you want.


Viral Bonuses is a great site that has free advertising for the top Traffic Exchanges, Viral List Builders etc. A new package is added each week. Also builds your downlines in the sites listed if you update your affiliate ID's for them.


Viral Hoopla is the latest from the Hoopla Family of sites, which have been testing advertising resources since 2002! Lists the best performing viral advertising sites.