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Maximize Your Sales Funnel Results



Here are some simple ways to maximize your Sales Funnel results and make more money from the same subscribers.



Offer A Quality FREE Gift

The free gift you give away to get your prospects to sign-up to your list must be high quality and offer real value.


You can create your own product that solves a problem in your niche market, and offers excellent tips on how to solve that problem. The beauty with this method is you can also add you own affiliate links to promote other products, such as a resources section at the end of an eBook.


If you don't want to create your own product then you can use a PLR  product to give away. Make sure it is high quality and if possible rewrite some of it to update any outdated information. If you have full rights to the product then add your own links and recommended resources.


Coming Soon - Where find the best products for your niche.



Create A One Action Squeeze Page


Your squeeze page must have No External Links on it, the sole purpose is to get the subscriber to join your mailing list and nothing else. You can provide links to privacy statements etc. but there must be no other links where you can lose your prospect.


Use arrows to direct the prospect to the sign-up form, and try to keep the squeeze page as simple and to the point as possible. Simply get them interested and on your list!


If you use bullet points, then make sure that they are benefit related and not simply features. You need to show what the product can do for them and not what it is.


Make sure that the sign-up form is above the fold. That means you do not have to scroll down to see the sign-up form. If you have a longer squeeze page then offer several sign-up forms throughout the page.



Download 25 Squeeze Pages
5 versions of each one (Black, Blue, Green, Grey and Red)
(Click Images To Enlarge)


Download 10 Squeeze Templates


Squeeze Page Template 1

Squeeze Page Template 2

*NEW* Squeeze Page Template 3 *NEW*

*NEW* Squeeze Page Template 4 *NEW*

Download All 4 Above In a Zip File
Need help with setting up etc. Feel free to contact me.


Below Are Rocket Responder Templates

Squeeze Page Template 9 (Yellow Button)

Squeeze Page Template 10 (Red & Green Border Button)

Squeeze Template 11 (Yellow Button)

Squeeze Template 12 (Yellow Button)

Download The 4 Above In A Zip File
To make them work with your own Rocket Responder lists, simply change the "RocketResponderListName" value to your own list name.
You can use any text editor or use BlueGriffon in source view.


How To Edit Squeeze Page Templates With BlueGriffon (PDF)




Online HTML Editor To Edit Templates
Another Online HTML Editor

How To Edit HTML Files Online For FREE!
An quick guide to using online HTML editors to edit your pages.



Coming Soon - More squeeze page templates and easy ways to create your own.



Use A Custom Thank You Page


Many of the top auto-responders allow you to change the default Thank You Page, to your own custom one, So Do It!


With your own thank you page, you can do several things:-



Coming Soon - More Thank You page templates.



Use A Custom Download Page


Many of the top auto-responders allow you to change the default Download Page, to your own custom one, So Do It!


Now you can give them the free gift they signed up for. But also give them an extra free bonus gift of great value that compliments the other product. The reason for doing this is that it will help build trust, and make them more willing to open the follow up messages from you. Always try to Over Deliver.


On the download page, you can now offer other recommended related products or services. Again mix it up with free and paid offers, and again you can rotate the offers through


You can also add a link to either your own site or blog, which should have high quality content on it. Make sure your site also has a sign-up form, as people who sign-up to a site usually use a much better email address than for a blind offer.


Ca$h Tip! - If you are getting large amounts of subscribers daily to your lists, then you can sell ad space from other marketers on your Thank You and Download pages. Also if you have a download with a zip file or a PDF, then you can sell space or a link in those to other marketers.



Coming Soon - More Download page templates.



Ask Them What They Want


You should always give the subscriber the opportunity to let you know what they really want. Then you can either make a product to solve the problem, or find an affiliate offer that solves the problem.


To do this you can simply add a Poll or Survey to either your download pages or in your follow up messages.



Follow Up With Free Valuable Content


In your follow up messages, make sure to include valuable content and not just pitch them on new products. If you regularly send them valuable high value content on the subject they signed up for, they will be waiting for your next email to open.


You need to build up a relationship with your subscribers to get them to know and trust you as a leader, and then they will be willing to purchase products that you recommend.


Ca$h Tip! - If you have a large list with loyal subscribers, then you can sell P.S clicks. Simply add a small P.S to the end of your emails and you can either promote your own affiliate products / CPA offer or sell the clicks to another marketer.



If I find any more good hints or tips, I will add them to this page. If you have any good nuggets you would like to share, then please email me at the address in the footer, or you can contact me on my social sites listed at the top of the site. Or if you want to just ask any questions, then please feel free to contact me, as I am here to help you.


All the best,

Martin Chantler.

(Reduce The Hype)