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The Evolution Of The Marketer



What type of marketer are you?


Take a look and see how evolved you are as a marketer!



Newbie Marketer


The newbie marketer drives traffic directly to an affiliate or paid offer.



This method may make a few sales, but even tracking the traffic sources, it is not a sustainable model. Every time you want to make a sale you have to drive more fresh traffic to the offer.



Amateur Marketer


The amateur marketer drives traffic to a squeeze or capture page, before redirecting the prospect to the affiliate or paid offer.




This method means they capture the prospects details and then sends them to the offer page. Even if the prospect doesn't buy this time, the marketer can follow-up with the prospect through their email series. You can also easily promote other related products or services to the list, without any additional advertising costs.


Many people will not buy the first time they see an offer, and through benefit driven marketing in your email series, they may purchase in the future.





The marketer drives traffic to a squeeze page, and then starts to split the list into buyers and non-buyers lists.




This method means that you now have two lists with buyers and non-buyers.


The non-buyers list will then have a follow-up series to persuade the prospect to purchase the product and get them onto the buyers list.


The buyers list will then have a follow-up series with related higher priced products than the front-end product.



Pro Marketer


The pro marketer drives traffic to a squeeze page, and then offers either up-sells or down-sells depending on the outcome of each offer shown. The list can then be further segregated depending on the purchases the prospect makes.


This method means you now have several lists of buyers and non-buyers. The follow-up series then gently persuades the prospect to purchase the product they didn't purchase, and then they slowly move through the process to higher and higher priced products.


The actual funnel can easily be added to with more up-sells or down-sells, depending on the relevant products you are promoting.


When someone buys a product they are automatically removed from the previous list, and added to the new buyers list. Many of the top auto-responder services, such as Aweber and Get Response allow you to do this when you sell through portals such as DigiResults or JV Zoo.



Funnels Round-up


If you are currently not using any sort of funnel in your marketing, then you are losing out big time!


With a few simply tweaks and smart use of your Thank You and Download pages, which includes recommending relevant products, you can dramatically increase your profits with no extra effort!


So why not start to create your own simple funnels, and as you learn you will also earn!


Hope this quick guide was useful?


All the best,

Martin Chantler.