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Here are some simple ways to maximize your Safelist and Viral List Builder results and make more money with less clicking!



Before Getting Started With Safelists

Before you start with Safelists, you will need to setup two Gmail accounts to receive the mail you will get from the Safelist sites. You need two accounts as some Safelists require you to have a Contact address and a List address. The Contact is used for mail from the admin and solo ads and the List address is to receive all the other mail.

Simply visit Gmail and create two accounts with and

Once you have created your two Gmail accounts, you can then join a few safelists.



Join The Best Ranked Safelists

There are 100's of different Safelists and Viral List Builders on the web and many are not even worth your time and effort to join, but which ones?

Knowing which sites to join can be daunting at first, but luckily List Hoopla stops all the confusion, as it tests Safelists weekly and ranks the best performing sites. Also the site acts as an excellent downline builder, as it allows you to add your affiliate IDs from the various Safelists and promote them with only one link. List Hoopla is free to join and means you get to find the best performing sites, without you having to join and test yourself first.

So visit the List Hoopla site and join a few of the top ranked sites to get you started. You only need to join a few (say 5), and once you get used to using them, then you can join more in the future. It is always recommended to visit List Hoopla after the ranking updates (Thursday), as new sites get added to
the list quite regularly.


Another recommended ranking site is Rapid Downline that lists the best performing sites of the previous week, and allows you to build your downlines from the one site.

Once you have joined a Safelist or Viral List Builder, you will be asked for your email address, if it only asks for one address, as many do, then simply use the address that you created earlier. If it asks for a Contact and List address, then you simply enter the corresponding Gmail address for each one.

Sort & Organise Your Safelist Mail



You will need to sort the mail you get form safelists, as it will make it more efficient to click for credits.



(Click Image To Enlarge)


Any new mails you receive for that Safelist will now appear in the left hand pane of your Gmail account. Simply click the folder name to display the messages from that Safelist only.

Download a step-by-step PDF Sorting Safelist Mail in Gmail with screenshots included to make it easier to understand.

Once you have created one filter, you will understand the process and be able to create them for all your other Safelists.



Click For Credits Faster

Below is a method to earn credits fast, as long as the Safelist doesn't have a captcha that needs to be clicked every ad view. This method requires a tabbed browser such as FireFox or Chrome.


Once you get used to this method, you can soon earn credits quite quickly.

I have also created a PDF to show you How To Earn Safelist Credits Fast with screenshots, if the above method is not very clear. If you would like a video created to explain this then send me an email and ask. Note: PDF updated with information on how to quickly deal with sites that have captcha and icons to be clicked when reading mails.


Speeding Things Up With LastPass

I have found a great free resource that can save you up to 90% of the time to send out your Safelist ads and makes signing up to new ones a breeze.

The program is called LastPass and it is a free password manager, that will store all your site logins securely and generates secure passwords easily. But what is great is that you can also use it to store all your Safelist ads, and with a few clicks instantly paste them into the send mail forms.


Read the Get Organised With LastPass article for how you can use this great free resource to speed up your Viral Mailer use.


Note: The two following PDFs below are being updated to cover the new version of LastPass that has been recently released.

I have created a PDF which explains Using LastPass (Firefox). Download the PDF and see how it will greatly speed up your use of Safelsits. If you use Chrome then download Using LastPass (Chrome).



Limit Your Clicking

You need to keep track of the amount of credits that you have for each Safelist and how many you need to send a mailing. You can do this on a piece of paper or the best method is to create a Spreadsheet, that tracks it for you. There is no point clicking ads from a particular Safelist if you already have enough credits to send.

Also some Safelists have Solo Ads that are worth more than normal ads, and say you need 500 credits to mail and the Solo Ads are worth 100, then you should only click 5 Solo Ads and not 50 normal ads at 10 credits each, time is money.

Download a Sample Spreadsheet. (Open Office & Excel format with usage guide in PDF format, if you need another format, then email me).


Another good tip is to limit your daily clicking for credits. If a site allows you to send 1000 emails every 7 days and you get 15 credits per email, then don't click 67 mails (1000/15=67)  in one day. Instead spread your clicks over the 7 days, so you only need to click 10 mails (67/7=10) per day.

Keeping Track Of When To Mail

If you have joined a few Safelists, then you will realise that they all have different frequencies of when you can mail, some are 3 days, some 5 days, some 7 days. This means you can easily lose track of if you can mail from a certain mailer without logging in to check.

Listed here are two ways to allow you to track when you can mail out at particular mailers.

Mailer Ninja is a free site that allows you to track when you last mailed from a particular Safelist, and also allows you to store your emails. Full video tutorials are available on the site under the "Account" menu.

>>> Click Here To See Mailer Ninja In Action <<<


Spreadsheet - This allows you to keep track of not only when to send, but also how many credits you have at each Safelist. I personally use this method to track all my Safelists. (Open Office & Excel format, if you need another format, then email me).



What To Advertise

You should never advertise any type of generic affiliate pages in the Safelists. People are only visiting the site to enable them to earn credits to display their site and get blind to the same ads all the time.

Do not advertise sites with long sales pages, as people do not scroll down to read, they just skim the page and then close the ad.


You must advertise something that is going to get you noticed and also that ultimately gets the visitor on YOUR list. This is the only thing that you should be trying to achieve, if you are using Safelists. Once you have the visitor on your list then it is essentially free advertising. You can now email them ANY opportunity you want, when you want.

To get people on your list you need to use an auto-responder to capture and manage the people on your list. You can set them up to automatically deliver a set message que when they join, and also send a broadcast to the list, with any new opportunities that you need to advertise.

Download the free Build Your List With Ease PDF, which explains how to set up your squeeze pages and sales funnel, using the Rocket Responder auto-responder, but also covers FREE auto-responders.

To get people to join your list you need to give them something for free as bait to join your list. But what to offer them is the key to becoming successful with safelists.


What you need to do is target their needs:-


They Want More Traffic.


They Want More Leads For Their Business.


So your offer needs to be able to solve one of those problems.

Resell Rights Weekly allows you to download new PLR and resell rights products every week for free. There are many great products you can use to build your lists.


Always try to pick a free product that is related to the affiliate offer that you want to promote. So give away a free traffic eBook, if you are wanting to promote a traffic generation product. This means you can then set up your auto-responder series to gently recommend the paid product to compliment the free eBook they received.



Track, Track and Track Some More

If you do not use tracking when you are advertising your splash pages or squeeze pages, then you don't know what sites or types of advertising give you the best results. Tracking will stop you from wasting time advertising at sites that give you no results, and enables you to concentrate your efforts on the sites that do.

One of the best tracking tools is, that allows you to track all your advertising from the one program. You can easily setup split-tests, and allows you to change your ads in the site and not have to change your links on your advertising sites. You can also track banners and create banner rotators that you can use in most Traffic Exchanges. This makes it easy to change your banners at ALL your traffic exchanges from the one site. New features are being added through customer feedback. This is the one of the Most Important tools you will need apart from your Auto-responder to make money online.


Another great feature is the Social Share Frame that you can add to the top of all your splash pages or squeeze pages. This easily allows people to share your page on their social sites. This can virally increase your traffic if people find your page worth recommending to others.



Another great FREE tracker is Affiliate Toolbox.


Profit At Every Stage Of The Sign-up Process

Once you start to use Safelists and Viral List Builders correctly, by sending people to a squeeze page. You now have them on your list but you are not earning anything from them, this is where setting up a sales funnel is vital. It allows you to offer products to people as they sign up and confirm their email address. This is most important if you are paying for the traffic, as you can recoup your costs and get the ads for free.

A great resource to learn how to do this is through the free ebook The Auto-responder Profit Sytsem. A complete system that shows you how to start earning from your auto-responder.


An ideal funnel set-up for using in Safelists and Viral Mailers is a simple 3 page one, as below:-


Squeeze Page ==> Confirm Page ==> Thank You Page



Download A Free Complete Basic Funnel


Download All Files In A ZIP File


Watch Videos For Setting Up Basic Sales Funnel


The squeeze page needs to be simple and capture the visitors attention and address their problems as stated before, to be able to get more traffic and more leads for their business.


Your confirm page should  ideally link to or have a low priced product on it, such as a Pro Mailer (Ad Master Plus, Easy Cash List Building System, Daily Mail Blaster works well). This allows you to get some cash flow into your business upfront, and ideally you can then buy advertising and not have to spend all day clicking for it.


Your thank you page will have the free gift you offered on your squeeze page for direct download. But here is a great place to also promote one of the Downline Builders for Safelists / Viral Mailers (List Hoopla or Rapid Downline). By promoting it this way, you may get multiple sign-ups to the mailers inside the downline builder from one referral, and not wasting credits promoting them individually in the safelists themselves. You can also promote these in your follow-up email series in your auto-responder.


By following this simply formula you are then building cash flow in your business and building downlines, which both equate to more traffic for your promotions.


Make Use Of All The Advertising Resources Available


Most Safelists and Viral List Builders allow you to also add Banners and Text Ads. Don't forget to make use of these, as they are extra free exposure for your ads.


Try not to use standard affiliate banners, and make you own eye catching ones. Read the article Boost Your Banner Click Through Rate, for some simple ideas to get your banners noticed and clicked!


If you have a really good converting banner, then convert some of your credits to banner impressions, as you will get more views per credit for a banner.



Change Mailing Subject Heading To Expand Exposure


When you send a mailing out, DO NOT use exactly the same subject heading for every email, especially when sending to the same mailer.


The reason for this is that Gmail groups mail with the same subject headings together (as shown below).



This means that the above mail was sent 3 times, but will only get read once!


If you change the subject slightly each time, then the mail will show up spread through the list of mails and not grouped together. This is more important for upgraded members as you can send multiple times a week, and if the person reading the mails only checks them once a week, you will be losing those extra mailing benefits.


You only need to add an extra character to make the email different eg.


Click Here Now

Click Here Now!

Click Here - Now



Claim FREE Bonus Credits For Top Sites


Check the Promo Codes page for the latest bonuses you can claim.


When joining a new site, always check the promo code sites to get as much free advertising as you can. By doing this you can save yourself hours of clicking to earn credits, and you can then easily test the sites and see if they are actually worth your time.


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If I find any more good hints or tips, I will add them to this page. If you have any good nuggets you would like to share, then please email me at the address in the footer, or you can contact me on my social sites listed at the top of the site. Or if you want to just ask any questions, then please feel free to contact me, as I am here to help you.


All the best,

Martin Chantler.

(Reduce The Hype)