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Simple Make Money Online Blueprint



If you want a simple step-by-step blueprint for making money online. Well, here it is…

No fluff or B.S It’s the EXACT formula that I use to make a great monthly income on the internet. And it’s so simple, that you could have it set up in less than a few hours.










Multiple follow up messages with good content and other relevant offers.


Alternate relevant offers.



Notice how simple this method is, and making money online is not complicated at all.


You will see numbers in the boxes (1-5), these dictate the order in which you need to build each part of the blueprint.



STEP 1 - Choose Your Product


Simply choose something from ClickBank or any other affiliate site that is popular, such as:- Make Money Online, Weight Loss, Forex etc.



STEP 2 - Create Your Squeeze Page


Once you have your chosen product you want to promote, you need to create a squeeze page with a free product to entice the visitor to give you their email address. This can be an eBook, Video, eCourse and anything else that is relevant to the product you what to sell.


You can use PLR products to give away, if you don't have time to create anything yourself. Click Here for some great PLR resources.


Aweber and Get Response auto-responder services all provide hosted capture pages, so you don't need to have your own website to get capture pages online. On a budget then try the highly recommended Rocket Responder, that is only $10 per month for each 10,000 subscribers. This is an easy to use and very newbie friendly auto-responder.


If you are new to list building then check out Build Your List With Ease for some great free ebooks on how to set up a list, using free online resources. Also you can find some great Squeeze Page generators on the Email Marketing page and a copy of the Build Your List With Ease eBook.



STEP 3 - Auto-Responder


Ok, so you’ve set up your squeeze page and you’re offering people some free info having to do with your product, now it’s time to make sure that you understand how your auto-responder works.

Once someone gives you their name/email address, your auto-responder then instantly emails the info they requested (even if it’s 3am and you’re
sleeping), and then also automatically follows up with pre-written messages at pre-determined intervals.


The follow up messages should offer great free information related to what they signed up for, and also have a few related products or services related to that product. The more you email people with good valuable content, then the better the relationship will become and the more people will be willing to open your emails and click your links.

You can also send a broadcast email directly to your list, whenever you need to let them know of any new product or service is released, related to the product they signed up for. But DO NOT bombard them with loads of these as they will soon unsubscribe.


If you need a great free resource that explains the whole process of profiting from your auto-responder, then download the Auto-Responder Profit System eBook.


Ok, once someone opts in for the free product, you can then use your auto-responder to send them directly to the product / sales page, or you can create a thank you page that directs them to the product pages or even a One Time Offer. This is explained in the Auto-Responder Profit System eBook. Also checkout the free resources on the  Email Marketing page for creating your Thank You pages and Bonus pages.



STEP 4 - Traffic


Ok, now that you’ve got the sales-funnel set up, you can start getting traffic to your squeeze page.

Are you ready to discover the #1 Secret for driving traffic to your site? Ok here it is…


DO NOT fall for the low price traffic packages on the web, as many will just send you junk traffic.

Here are some ways that I personally know of/use to drive traffic:-

List Builders (free)

Social Media (facebook/twitter) (free)
YouTube (free)
Articles (free)
Forum Posting (free)
Banner Ads (paid & free)
Email Drops (paid)
Pay Per Click (paid)
Placing ads in newspapers/magazines (paid)

Solo Ads (paid)


Check out the Traffic Generation pages for more traffic methods etc.

Here’s the REAL TRUTH! Do at least 3 of these on a CONSISTENT basis (that means EVERY DAY). It starts slow, but the more consistently you do them, the more traffic you will get.

Pick traffic methods that you LIKE doing (so it doesn’t seem like “work”). Also, be sure that ALL of your traffic goes to your squeeze page! Because getting people to opt-in (building your list) is the MOST important thing to start making a real income online!



STEP 5 - Daily Tasks


Ok, you should now have your complete sales funnel set up and started getting some traffic to your squeeze page.

You now have 3 things you MUST do on a daily basis:-

1. Drive more traffic. Simply keep promoting your squeeze page with the traffic methods you have chosen.

2. Two to three days a week, find some good content/advice/video relevant  and email (blast/broadcast) to your list.

3. Two days a week, find a product relevant to your niche and create a review for it and then email it to your list (with your affiliate link).





Hopefully you now have a good understanding of how to make money online.


I know this is only a quick overview, but if you want anything explained in more detail , then please feel free to email me at the contact address below.