Don't Get Scammed In Internet Marketing


There are many good Internet Marketing products available on the market, but there is also a lot of not so good products being pushed everyday to new Internet Marketers.


Before you purchase anything on the Internet, do not get taken in by the flashy sales page, that offers you untold riches etc. ALWAYS check out the site first by several different methods to see what other people are saying, who have actually bought the item being sold and actually used it.


There are several resources to carry out this research and the main ones I like to use are:-


Behind MLM (Added 11 Jan 2013) - Unbiased MLM news, company reviews, commentary, criticism and analysis. Recomend you visit this site before joining any type of MLM program.


The Warrior Forum: Internet Marketing Product Reviews & Ratings - This is a must visit site not only for product reviews but also the main forum has lots of useful and free Internet Marketing information.


IM Report Card - An excellent site that enables you to find out about new IM products and even their authors and get non-biased reviews etc. This site is a huge resource and enables members (free membership) to read comments and scores left by other members. You can also add your own comments and scores to the database and help others.


More Money Review - Another great site that has reviews on many of the online bizz opps, and also allows actual users to leave comments below each review. This means you get real users actually telling you what the program or product is like. You need to sign up for the user reviews to show, but registration is free and highly recommended to get the low-down on anything you are thinking of purchasing.


YouTube - This is an excellent resource if used correctly. Here you can find video reviews for nearly any product that has been released, but be wary as some are purely done by affiliates trying to sell the product and probably haven't even purchased it! By carefully screening the videos you can get some sort of bias to if a product is any good or not.


Google - This is a huge resource, but must be used wisely, as with YouTube there are many affiliates posting reviews that are purely there to get sales and not real reviews. You need to tread carefully here and I would suggest you try searching for forum posts that may be a bit more non-biased. But with any research if you take your time, you can uncover some really great information and make a more rational decision on anything before you rush in and buy.


I hope this quick article helps you to make more rational decisions before purchasing anything on the Internet. Don't get pushed in to buying anything, as even the sales pages saying only 15 left etc. are only there to rush you into buying, who ever heard of a digital product ever running out? Some products are limited but these are mainly training programs limited to so many people, but I would still urge you to ALWAYS do your research before purchasing.


If you want more reviews etc. posted to the site that I can find, or have any suggestions or additions to resources above, then please don't hesitate to contact me on the email below in the footer.


Thank you,

Martin Chantler.