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Just create a new article: Video Capture Page Hints and Tips

Simple hints and tips to improve your conversions when you use video capture pages on viral mailers, safelists and traffic exchanges.

Mellow Ads User Guide


Mellow Ads


Mellow Ads User Guide PDFCreated a Mellow Ads User Guide PDF showing you how to claim and use the free satoshi for network advertising at Mellow Ads.


This traffic is working like gangbusters on the Bitcoin sites I have been promoting, and even on some traffic related offers too!


Get your FREE paid traffic now!


eBook4 Capture Page Template


eBook4 Capture Page Template

[Click Image To View Template]


Just added a new free capture page template. This capture page is for use when promoting an eBook or free report etc.


The template will also work with Create Splash Pages and All In One Profits splash builder.


Click Here To Download ZIP File


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Funnel maximizer


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Hits Monkey


This FREE viral traffic site is getting me visitors automatically! 

Here's how it works:-

As the people you refer start showing their links for HitsMonkey your
site is shown again, and again and again at no cost!

You simply click 6 links, and when you're done, YOUR site will enter that list.

As more people come to the site, you'll get traffic on up to 6 levels!

This is an extremely powerful traffic multiplier...

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Mellow Ads


Mellow Ads faucet allows you to claim free network advertising credit, once every 24 hours. All you need to do is click on the Claim now button and complete a captcha to confirm that you are human. Free network advertising credit will then be added to your Mellow Ads account balance - enough for at least 3 day of network advertising.


Mellow Ads will allow you to get any Bitcoin related business you are promoting in front of 1000's of targeted Bitcoin users for free.


Monetize Your Website's Empty Space...


If you have a website or blog, chances are that you have unused space that could be working for you.

With Viral Nugget that space can be turned into Cash and perpetual advertising for YOU.

Simply place a line of code into your site to display ads from the Viral Nugget network, and for every click on your published ad block you will earn either cash or impressions for your own ads.

In addition, you can effortlessly get referrals to Viral Nugget where everyone earns 40% residual commissions!


Not a site owner? Viral Nugget is also an amazing advertising resource  because your banners or text ads will display on dozens (if not  hundreds) of sites across the web! You can also send email ads to thousands of members.


Viral Nugget


I have updated my Click Minimizer Cheat Sheet. Listing the best advertising resources that allow you to get your sites shown with minimal clicking.


I have now added Page Rank Cafe. Which allows you to post 3 banners for 24 hours with unlimited impressions. Bigger banner sizes (728x90 & 160x600) are getting me the best results.


Page rank Cafe



Also added is List Surfing. Just surf 50 pages each month to be active and get UNLIMITED rotation of your site in the surf area without using any of your credits. Use your earned credits to receive additional exposure by sending an email ad.


List Surfing



Click Minimizer PDF

Download Click Minimizer Cheat Sheet


Banner Viralizer PDFI have updated my Viral Advertising Sites report which lists the best online viral advertising sites, with Road Runner Hits. This new site allows you to promote 1 link, and earn credits at 10 different websites including 6 banner exchanges, 2 text ad exchanges and even a couple of safelists!



Rioad Runner Hits
Promote 1 Link - Earn Credits At 10 Different Websites!


The Real Tracker


The Real Tracker now has conversion tracking, geo-tracking and also allows you to geo-target links. This totally FREE tracker is now even better than many paid trackers on the market. Check out the new features in the following articles:-


Geo Tracking Is Now Available For TRT


Adjustable Time Zone For TRT And Ad Tracking + Cloaking Option


How To Track Responses And Conversions With The Real Tracker


New in TRT – Target Different Links To Different Countries


Banner Viralizer PDFI have updated my Viral Advertising Sites report which lists the best online viral advertising sites, with the two new sites below:-




Banners Gone Wild
Advertise 4 Banners With Unlimited Impressions For FREE!



Rotate Your Ads
Advertise 2 Text Ads With Unlimited Impressions For FREE!


Fed up clicking endlessly for credits to advertise your sites?


I have compiled a cheat sheet of all the best advertising resources, that allow you to get your sites shown with minimal clicking.


Click Minimizer PDF

Download Click Minimizer Cheat Sheet


If you want to get your banners clicked, then you need to create your own unique banners. Fugly Banners allows you to easily create 9 different banner sizes and have them hosted for FREE!.


Fugly Banners


Also now when you create your banners, if you add your link to the banner they are shown on the Fugly Banners site for free.


This means that your banners will get free impressions from visitors to the site, and also when others promote the site.


Click Here To Join Fugly Banners for Free.


Here are some custom banners I have created for the viral advertising site: Fun Guppy.




FunGuppy Link Submit


FunGuppy Ad Blsst


FunGuppy Link Submit


Feel free to grab the banner link URL, simply right-click and select "Copy Image Location" to use for your own promotions.


Get notified of more custom banners for other sites by signing up to my Banner Maximizer list!


Other sites I have created custom banners for include: List Impact, Pulsating Banners, Leads Leap, Mailer Ninja, Million Leads For Free and more.


My two best FREE lead generating sites for May 2016 are Leads Leap and Traffic Ad Bar. These two sites have added 100's of subscribers to my lists since I have been using them.


Leads Leap


Traffic Ad Bar


The new Legacy Result network banner site has launched. It allows you to get your banners displayed on 100's of networked sites for FREE!


Legacy Result


I have now added Legacy Result to my Banner Maximizer eBook. Download and rebrand to build your downlines in the top banner advertising sites.


Banner Viralizer PDFI have also updated my Banner Viralizer report which allows you to rebrand it and build your downlines in Buckets Of Banners and Traffic Hoopla.


LeadsLeap eBook

Learn all about LeadsLeap 2.0 in this free eBook. Download Now!


Added a new video to my channel:-


How To Use Traffic Wave Form Code With The Capture Page Templates


Showing you how to easily use the Traffic Wave auto-responder form code with the Free Capture Page Templates.

Commission Funnel eBook

Learn more about Commission Funnel and how you can earn up to 100% commissions at this traffic co-op site. Download the free eBook by clicking the image above or Click Here To Download.


Commission Funnel


LeadsLeap 2.0 is being launched on the 16th February 2016. Now you can get paid to build your lists. LeadsLeap now has revenue sharing, and even free members earn. There are 3 ways to make money in LeadsLeap: Daily Revenue Share, Weekly Revenue Share and Affiliate commissions. Check the link above for more details.


It also provides you with free tools, that are better than many paid tools:-


The Real Tracker - Are You Getting Real Visitors Or Just Clicks?


PopupXpert - Now everyone can design stunning popups and optin forms...




Just added some new HTML templates to the How To Build Your List With Million Leads For Free article (scroll to the bottom of the article). Use these free templates to make your ads stand out from all the other plain text ads, and actually get clicked!




Just added the "How To Make A Website Guide" - The Beginner's Guide to Get a Small Business Online. Want to Make a Website? This Free Guide will cover everything you need to know to launch your website successfully, no matter what your goals are.


How To Make A Website Guide

How To Make A Website Guide


Two new advertising sites have just been launched that allow you to add your banner and text link daily for free.



Banner Farmer

Submit your banner daily for FREE!




Textlink Farmer

Submit your text link daily for FREE!


Added a new capture page template.


Capture Page Template - Simple 32

A simple template with ribbon style header.
Comes in 5 colours, Blue, Green, Purple, Red and Yellow.

Click Here To Download ZIP File



If you want to use the above template, or any of the other capture page templates I have created, but you don't have your own web hosting account. Now you can use them with the Create Splash Pages site, which allows you to create and host 3 splash pages for free.


Click Here to see the above template on Create Splash Pages.


Sign-up to my list to get full instructions on how to use the templates with Create Splash Pages.

How would you like to get FREE traffic from other people's email lists?


PS Click Power has just launched and allows you to do just that. By adding a P.S. link to your emails, you can get your sites rotated in the PS Click Power Co-op, and displayed when people click the P.S. links in other people's emails.



PS Click Power


Join FREE today and get $220 in free ads!


Text ads are one of the most targeted types of advertising you can get, but adding text ads to loads of sites is really time consuming.


Viral Text Ad Coop has just opened and it allows you to post your text ads to 100's of sites automatically.


Viral Text Ad Coop


Your Text Ad will Go out to Traffic Exchanges, Super Solo Networks,
Text Ad Exchanges, Credit Safelists, List-Builders, Blasters
and Viral List Builders.


Viral Text Ad Co-Op is free to join, so check out their
OTO and Special Offers for the best deals!

Updated my Halloween Resource List, with some scary sound effects sites. Now you make your pages even more frightening!


Halloween Resources PDF

Halloween Resources

[Right Click - Save As...]


Get your ads on 9000+ sites at this new viral advertising site!



Created a PDF of the best Free Viral Advertising Sites.


Viral Advertising Sites PDF

Viral Advertising Sites

[Right Click - Save As...]


Download and start getting MASSIVE exposure for your ads!


Created a new rebrandable PDF showing you step-by-step how to get your banners shown on 1000's of sites for FREE!.


Banner Viralizer PDF

Banner Viralizer

[Right Click - Save As...]


Download the report, rebrand it, share it and get MASSIVE traffic!


Added a new Halloween capture page template. Get ready for the Halloween season with this template. Also includes a PDF of useful Halloween resources to give your pages that special holiday feel!


Capture Page - Halloween Template

Click Here To Download ZIP File


Created a PDF of the best Promo Code Sites.


Promo Code Sites PDF

Best Promo Code Sites

[Right Click - Save As...]


Added "Viral Mail Hurricane" and "TruckLoad Of Ads" to the Promo Codes Page. Allows you to claim 1000's of Viral Mailer and Traffic Exchange credits. Plus Banner and Text Ads and also covers Text Ad Exchanges and more!


Viral Traffic Hurricane


TruckLoad Of Ads


Added a new capture page template. This has inline forms and transparent style buttons.


Capture Page - Simple 22 Template

Click Here To Download ZIP File


Updated the List Builders Rankings page with the best performing sites for June 2015.

Added two new videos to my channel.

How To Test Your Website Is Mobile Friendly

How To Test If Your Capture Page Is Mobile Responsive

[Links Open in New Window]

Added a new video to my channel.


How To Make An eBook Background Transparent
Video showing you how to add a transparent background to any eBook graphic.


Added two new capture page templates. These use blurred background images, which are quite popular.


Capture Page - Simple 20 Template



Capture Page - Simple 21 Template


Also I created a video showing you How To Create A Blurred Background Image For Your Capture Pages.


Added a new video to the Safelist Maximizer eCourse, showing you how to track and tweak a basic sales funnel to maximize profits.


Safelist Maximizer eCourse


This is based on my Maximize Your Safelist Results article.

Added a new video showing how to edit the capture page templates with an online HTML editor.


Also started to turn the Maximize Your Safelist Results article into a video eCourse. You can preview the new course for FREE now!

Added some new Promo Codes to the site. Go grab the extra free advertising.

Instant Trafic Secret eBookAdded Instant Traffic Secret to the eBook download section. This free report shows you how to easily start getting instant traffic to your sites.




Transparent Box With Video And Inline Form Template

Now Fully Mobile Responsive
 Looks Good On All Mobile Devices (Landscape or Portrait)


Test It On Screenfly

Video With Inline Form Template

Download Zip File Of Above Template


Managed to create a video GIF with loader and video bar, which will look great in your emails. This new version is also a LOT smaller than the standard one in the  Increase Your Email CTR With Videos article.



Updated the List Builders Rankings page with the best performing sites for March 2015.

Added some videos to the article on how to Increase Your Email CTR With Videos - Here is a way to instantly increase your email click through rate, by simulating a video playing in your email message.


Geese With Play Button Small


Updated the article: How To Build Your List With Million Leads For Free, with some videos. This shows you how to correctly use this site to maximize your results and get more subscribers on your list.

|Viral Banner Ad Co-OpViral Banner Ad Co-Op allows you to turn your unused credits on sites such as Traffic Exchanges, into one of the most targeted traffic sources. Display the co-op banner rotator on your TE sites and earn credits, and then use those credits to display your banners on over 1000+ sites for FREE!

Update: Use this promo code for 500 free banner impressions - VBAC500   

Added some new videos showing you how to edit the basic sales funnel templates.


Complete Basic Funnel


Download All Files In A ZIP File


Added a new article on how to Increase Your Email CTR With Videos - Here is a way to instantly increase your email click through rate, by simulating a video playing in your email message.


Geese With Play Button Small


Canva’s Banner Maker has over 100 beautifully designed banner templates – free for you to use. You can also create an original template by saving and duplicating a design in Canva.

Use Canva to design all your banners and maintain a consistent brand visual identity. They have templates for:

eBay billboards
Etsy store banners
Facebook covers
Twitter headers
Google Plus covers.


Canva gives you everything you need to easily turn ideas into stunning designs. Create designs for Web or print: Blog graphics, Infographics, Presentations, Facebook covers, Social media graphics and so much more.