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( Last Updated: 13 June 2016 )


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My two best FREE lead generating sites for May 2016 are Leads Leap and Traffic Ad Bar. These two sites have added 100's of subscribers to my lists since I have been using them.


Leads Leap


Traffic Ad Bar


The new Legacy Result network banner site has launched. It allows you to get your banners displayed on 100's of networked sites for FREE!


Legacy Result


I have now added Legacy Result to my Banner Maximizer eBook. Download and rebrand to build your downlines in the top banner advertising sites.


Banner Viralizer PDFI have also updated my Banner Viralizer report which allows you to rebrand it and build your downlines in Buckets Of Banners and Traffic Hoopla.


Here are some custom banners I have created for the newly launched list builder: List Impact.





Feel free to grab the banner link URL, simply right-click and select "Copy Image Location" to use for your own promotions.


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Other sites I have created custom banners for include: Pulsating Banners, Leads Leap, Mailer Ninja, Million Leads For Free and more.


LeadsLeap eBook

Learn all about LeadsLeap 2.0 in this free eBook. Download Now!


Added a new video to my channel:-


How To Use Traffic Wave Form Code With The Capture Page Templates


Showing you how to easily use the Traffic Wave auto-responder form code with the Free Capture Page Templates.

Commission Funnel eBook

Learn more about Commission Funnel and how you can earn up to 100% commissions at this traffic co-op site. Download the free eBook by clicking the image above or Click Here To Download.


Commission Funnel


LeadsLeap 2.0 is being launched on the 16th February 2016. Now you can get paid to build your lists. LeadsLeap now has revenue sharing, and even free members earn. There are 3 ways to make money in LeadsLeap: Daily Revenue Share, Weekly Revenue Share and Affiliate commissions. Check the link above for more details.


It also provides you with free tools, that are better than many paid tools:-


The Real Tracker - Are You Getting Real Visitors Or Just Clicks?


PopupXpert - Now everyone can design stunning popups and optin forms...




Just added some new HTML templates to the How To Build Your List With Million Leads For Free article (scroll to the bottom of the article). Use these free templates to make your ads stand out from all the other plain text ads, and actually get clicked!




Just added the "How To Make A Website Guide" - The Beginner's Guide to Get a Small Business Online. Want to Make a Website? This Free Guide will cover everything you need to know to launch your website successfully, no matter what your goals are.


How To Make A Website Guide

How To Make A Website Guide


Two new advertising sites have just been launched that allow you to add your banner and text link daily for free.



Banner Farmer

Submit your banner daily for FREE!




Textlink Farmer

Submit your text link daily for FREE!


Added a new capture page template.


Capture Page Template - Simple 32

A simple template with ribbon style header.
Comes in 5 colours, Blue, Green, Purple, Red and Yellow.

Click Here To Download ZIP File



If you want to use the above template, or any of the other capture page templates I have created, but you don't have your own web hosting account. Now you can use them with the Create Splash Pages site, which allows you to create and host 3 splash pages for free.


Click Here to see the above template on Create Splash Pages.


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